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Degrees & Programs

Accounting & Finance Club

Goals and Objectives

The goals of the UST MBA Accounting and Finance Club are to:

  • Establish a strong internal UST MBA finance network between first and second-year students.
  • Provide opportunities for current UST MBA finance students to network with current finance professionals.
  • Expand upon Career Services' finance related events.

Calendar of Activities


  • Welcome meeting: Introduce board and announce plans


  • Panel: People from financial services


  • Informal meeting: Talk to members before career fair
  • Panel with New Venture: "How to Get Funding for Your Company"


  • Corporate Tour: Ameriprise, US Bank, Piper Jaffray


  • Informal meeting: Chat about jobs and networking


  • Panel: People from corporate finance


  • International Finance Panel 


  • Informal meeting: Talk to members before career fair

Last Event Description

CFO panel discussion: "How Have Companies Responded to the Recent Economic Meltdown, and What Lies Ahead?" The event provided a good introduction to the strategic and tactical moves required when companies must adapt to new business environments.

Key Contacts

Jeff Hawkes

Vice President of Budgeting
Anthony Anderson

Vice President of Events
Monica Ricard