Graduate Business Career Services

Graduate Business Career Services

Graduate Business Talent at St. Thomas

Our mission: To develop highly principled global business leaders

19 Minnesota Fortune 500 companies. We have graduates at all of them.

For more than 30 years the University of St. Thomas has been a resource for top business talent. Alumni of St. Thomas' graduate business programs are found in the leadership ranks of local, regional, national and international companies.

Today, nearly 13,000 UST MBA alumni work in organizations across the United
States, including the 19 Fortune 500 companies in the Twin Cities area. Learn
more about the UST MBA program and how our students and alumni will make
an impact on your organization.

Who employs UST MBA graduates?

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CareerLink: Linking Talent with Opportunity

Looking for a job or internship? Or have one to post?

We invite you to use CareerLink, a career management resource for recruiters, graduate business students and alumni of the Opus College of Business. Students and alumni use CareerLink to search for internships and job opportunities; employers use it to post jobs, view résumés and schedule interviews.

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What Employers Say About Our Students

"This student exemplified the utmost professionalism in his work here at our company. What was very notable was his capability to "see and own" things and proceed with little or no direction. He always exemplified positive motivation and was oriented to getting things accomplished. He was a real asset to me, our department, and ultimately, I think to the company."

- Company Internship Supervisor