Graduate Business Career Services

Graduate Business Career Services

Career Management Program

Graduate Business Career Services provides career assessment and coaching for students and alumni in all graduate business degree programs offered by the Opus College of Business. These services seek to expand professional prospects and maximize career potential for each individual. Our personalized coaching strategy, coupled with peer-based seminars, seek to provide tailored training to execute a comprehensive long-term professional development plan.

The experienced Graduate Business Career Services staff is eager to assist all students with reaching their professional goals, whether that means excelling in a current role or preparing for a new opportunity. Graduates of UST work in various sectors including: corporate, community, government, finance and health care. 

The Career Management program is a three-step process integrating self-exploration, career planning and professional development that assists with obtaining a career, promotion or furthering professional development. Beginning the Career Management process during the academic program will best position you to leverage your degree in the future.

Career Management program:

To begin your career management program, schedule an appointment with Graduate Business Career Services by contacting

View available employment opportunities online on CareerLink, a comprehensive internship and job recruiting system. Students and alumni use it to search for internship and job opportunities. Employers use it to post jobs, view résumés, and schedule interviews.

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For Students and Alumni

As a student in or graduate of a UST graduate business degree program, you can have confidence that the skills you developed in your program have prepared you for today’s collaborative and competitive workplace. But it takes more than the right credential to excel. As a student, you may partner with GBCS to:

  • Initiate a career development plan 
  • Articulate your career skills, interests, values and goals 
  • Create effective résumés 
  • Find internship, job and networking opportunities 
  • Interview with confidence and polish 
  • Negotiate job offers and compensation

For Recruiters

Your organization thrives when it secures top talent poised to fulfill your mission, embody your values and achieve your strategic goals. You can increase your access to these future leaders through GBCS. Our staff will partner with you to:

  • Source graduate business talent
  • Post internship and job opportunities
  • Interview students on campus or at your location
  • View résumé books
  • Conduct information sessions

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Graduate Business Career Services for Employers

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