Degrees & Programs

Overview of our Degrees & Programs


Gain the skills you need to be a leader in your work and beyond by pursuing a UST MBA. We offer four programs, each designed to meet the needs of business professionals at different phases of their careers.

Full-time UST MBA

A 21-month full-time program for students committed to a challenging and intense learning experience. In conjunction with the University of St. Thomas School of Law, full-time UST MBA students also have the option to pursue a JD/MBA degree.

Evening UST MBA

A part-time, evening MBA program designed with flexibility to accommodate working professionals' busy schedules.

Executive UST MBA

A weekend MBA program for experienced managers who thrive in a rigorous, interactive learning environment. Students meet on campus one weekend each month in a cohort-based format.

Health Care UST MBA

A cohort-based, distance learning (on-campus and online) program for experienced professionals in the health care industry.

Specialized Masters

Enhance your professional certification with the power of a University of St. Thomas business degree. The combination gives you the skills you need in a rigorous, personal environment that places what you learn in a valuable context.

MS Degree in Accountancy

A 12-month, full-time, cohort-based program for students with an undergraduate accounting major.

MS Degree in Real Estate

A two-year evening program for experienced real estate professionals who wish to earn a graduate degree while continuing their professional responsibilities.

Master of Business Communication

A part-time, evening program for communicators who want to expand their communication expertise while building core business knowledge.

Undergraduate Program

Today's complex, fast-paced and competitive environment requires leaders with the vision to meet the complicated challenges of the business world. At St. Thomas, we offer excellence in business education with a highly relevant approach, through an academic program which emphasizes ethics and responsibility, as well as a personal approach to each student.

Executive Education

The University of St. Thomas, Opus College of Business provides challenging, relevant business education opportunities outside of a traditional degree program. You’ll find executive education, professional development, and custom programs that help you:

  • Bring new knowledge and fresh insights to your organization
  • Improve your performance and results
  • Increase your leadership capacity
  • Act ethically, think globally… and more.


Located in Minnesota's vibrant Twin Cities area, St. Thomas offers its students a wide range of employment opportunities, cultural events and volunteer activities.  We are a campus connected to community to meet the challenges of today.

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Which graduate program is right for me?

The UST MBA offers a top notch MBA curriculum in four formats: Full-time, Evening, Executive, and HealthCare.

Other masters degree programs include the Master of Business Communication, Master of Science in Accountancy, and Master of Science in Real Estate.

Nondegree opportunities for continued learning are available through the Center for Business Excellence.


Ethics and the Opus College of Business

Business education is commonly aimed at the knowledge needed to perform effectively and efficiently in the business world. At the University of St. Thomas, we are committed to that objective and more: encouraging serious consideration and application of ethical values in business decision making.

Our goal in the Opus College of Business is to encourage moral development in the context of sound policies and practices. We affirm the legitimacy and centrality of moral values in economic decision making because without them, business relationships and strong communities are impossible.