Shenehon Center for Real Estate

Shenehon Center for Real Estate

Nominate a Real Estate Leader

A real estate leader is someone who:

  • has made a significant contribution as a leader in the field of real estate.
  • has impacted his or her particular area of real estate and should be recognized primarily as an exceptional role model in his or her discipline.
  • has displayed the highest level of ethics in his or her business practices.
  • has improved his or her community as a business leader.

Do you know someone who fits this description? 
Nominate them for the Minnesota Real Estate Hall of Fame.  

Nomination Period

Nominations for the Hall of Fame are accepted throughout the year. Those received before June 15 will be reviewed for the current year. Nominations received after June 15 will be considered for 2015. All nominees will be considered for induction for up to three years after being nominated.  

Nomination Process

Nominations may be submitted electronically or by mail using the pdf form linked below.  

Download PDF Nomination Form

Return Completed Nominations

By email:

By mail:

Shenehon Center for Real Estate
Minnesota Real Estate Hall of Fame
1000 LaSalle Ave, TMH 451 
Minneapolis, MN 55403


Hall of Fame Award Criteria

Nominations are not limited to University of St Thomas graduates.

The selection committee will give weight to such accomplishments as starting and building a business, leading an established business to significantly greater achievements, major transactions and innovative projects.

Other factors that may be considered include industry recognitions, being an industry pioneer or leader and recognition by others for achievements. The selection committee has the responsibility and discretionary power to make its determinations from the pool of nominations submitted.