Norris Institute

Norris Institute

Norris Institute Portfolio Companies

(listed in order of investment, more recent first)

Fixx Orthopedics
Developing the QuickFixx temporary external fixator for rapid stabilization of bone fractures in the emergency room.

Providing “ilos,” an easy-to-use video production platform that supports training in organizations of all types and sizes. Founded by UST business alumni Nick Stokman ’13, and Sean Higgins ’12 and ’14 MBA.

Garden Fresh Farms
Using proprietary hydroponic methods to sustainably grow vegetables, herbs and fish indoors in underused urban and rural buildings.

Developing and marketing eVeritas mobile technology platform that simplifies the management of chronic diseases at the point of care and in ongoing communication with patients.

Marketing software-as-a-service tools to help grades 3-12 educators to assess, automatically grade, respond to and compile learning performance statistics on individual students, classes, grades and schools.

Launching interactive web tools to make psychotherapy and other patient-provider interactions more effective. Founder Solome Tibebu '12 entrepreneurship graduate and founder of non-profit Anxiety in Teens.

Protege Biomedical
Developing RapidClot (TM) Blood Coagulant Products to rapidly stop bleeding in minor cuts and other wounds. Founders Michael and Susan Wuollett '10 M.B.A.

River Systems
Helping to keep seniors "thriving in place" (SM) with the HomeStream system, an integrated technology platform that keeps the elderly and disabled connected with family, caregivers, community and church, and with home support vendors.

CRAM Worldwide
Developing a new concept in encrypted distribution of digital content for business, health, entertainment and education.

Growan Energy

Designing and testing a new type of biodiesel processor for on-site agricultural and municipal fuel production. Founder and CEO Jared Poling '08 business economics, and CFO Cameron Carson '10 entrepreneurship.

The Ojibwe word for "everlasting," Apinee is introducing a new technology for environmentally friendly wood modification that strengthens wood fibers in lumber products while protecting against damage from water, microbes, insects and other factors that limit the lifetime and strength of wood products exposed to the elements.

The Streamline IV Suspension System eliminates the balance and maneuverability issues with IV poles and provides a bed mount that elevates the IV system for safe and efficient patient transport. Founded by St. Thomas entrepreneurship students Peter and Sam Blankenship and Dustin Thompson.


"Actionable Intelligence" RFID data monitoring service for manufacturers, distributors and category managers to use in preventing out-of-stock or over-stock conditions, and for remote inventory management.

Aloft Technologies

Lightweight aviation headsets that provide passive noise reduction with high quality audio communication to pilots and passengers who prefer an in-ear microphone rather than heavy wraparound headsets that cover the ear and can block out flight-critical sounds. Director of market development is Megan Waterman '05 M.B.A.


Producer of digital audiovisual marketing for the automobile, wedding and real estate industries. Founder and CEO Ben Anderson is a 2005 entrepreneurship graduate of the Opus College of Business.


Sells small, durable robots that can be thrown or directed into a military, police or industrial situation and then remotely controlled to provide video surveillance without risking human lives. CEO Alan Bignall is an alumnus of the Opus College of Business' Executive MBA program.

IGF Oncology

Testing a new therapy for cancer that combines insulin growth factor with existing chemotherapy drugs. Exited in October 2010.

Protective Chemistries

Custom coatings to prevent mold and other damage to building materials, food processing and storage surfaces and consumer products.

Wound Care Technologies

Marketing the DermaClose(TM), an external tissue expander and wound closure device for acute wounds from trauma, skin cancer, or skin ulcers and for some chronic non-healing wounds.

Closys Corp.

Developing a medical device for closing the entry site in the femoral artery after catheterization procedures. CEO is Gervaise Wilhelm '84 M.B.A.

College Nannies & Tutors Development

Franchise centers that "foster a child's happiness and success through academic and development growth." Founder Joe Keeley is a 2003 entrepreneurship alumnus. Exited in December 2009.

Two-way envelopes for transactional mailings to save costs and resources.

Virtuosos Music Academy
Music education in a convenient, comfortable, high-tech settings. Founder Angela Jaskowiak Mueller is a 2004 entrepreneurship and finance alumna.

Entropy Solutions
Greenbox(TM) Thermal Management System reusable containers with passive temperature control to keep contents cold or hot for up to five days.

Constant Data
Real-time monitoring, multi-location backup software used by NASA, AOL and others. Acquired by BakBone Software November 2005.

Giving everyone, regardless of physical ability, location or time, access to the polls.

Financial Marketing Solutions
Web platforms that integrate financial and insurance planning and monitoring into one easy-to-use portal.

The DigitalLot Solution wearable computer for managing automobile inventory. Acquired by Kelley Blue Book Co., March 2004


Web tools for farm managers to improve efficiency in ordering supplies. Founded by Jay Schaper '03 M.B.A.