Center for Nonprofit Management

Center for Nonprofit Management

Graduate Education


The full-time and evening M.B.A. programs in the Opus College of Business offer several graduate business elective courses for degree-seeking students with interest in double or triple bottom line social benefit strategies, realized through for-profit or nonprofit businesses.

Social impact elective topics include:

  • Introduction to Nonprofit Sector (GBEC 750)
  • Social Entrepreneurship (ENTR 714)
  • Nonprofit Program Design and Evaluation (MGMT 862)
  • Strategic Sustainability (MGMT 714)

Beyond the broad MBA core curriculum all students complete, additional high-value skills and knowledge for nonprofit leaders and managers can also be found in these electives:

  • Leadership (MGMT 603)
  • Organizational Development & Change Leadership (MGMT702)
  • New Venture Strategies (ENTR650)
  • New Venture Marketing (ENTR703)
  • Negotiations Skills (MGMT 808)
  • Persuasion (BCOM 635)
  • Integrated Marketing Communications (MKTG 780)

What is "social benefit"?

Simply defined, ‘social benefit’ goods or services result in positive social and environmental outcomes for society.  Ideally, social benefit organizations help communities meet their own needs, over time. Traditional nonprofits have long had specific social benefit missions, but more and more for-profit business are also considering social benefits and impacts when making critical managerial decisions and setting strategy. Some for-profits are now even founded with the purpose of tackling certain social or environmental challenges.


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