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Health Care Reform Resources

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010 will make significant changes to access, quality and cost in the American health care system.  One important aspect of these changes is the expectation of increased consumer and patient engagement in their own health care.

The Center for Health and Medical Affairs staff have identified a number of helpful resources which provide information about health reform.  This page will be updated as new resources become available.

“Health Care Reform – The Challenges and Opportunities”
On September 24, 2010, Dan McLaughlin discussed the health care reform law at the “Lunch ‘n Explore” program sponsored by the Center for Senior Citizens’ Education.

Watch the video of the presentation »

“Health Care Overhaul: What is the view from Washington?”
On November 5, 2010, Ceci Connolly, former health care reporter for The Washington Post, spoke at the University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business about the nation's new health care law and what Congress may do to change it.  Ms. Connolly’s keynote address at the UST Executive Conference on the Future of Health Care was rebroadcast on Minnesota Public Radio on November 8th. 

Listen to MPR's broadcast of Ms. Connolly’s remarks »
This is the main website that the federal government developed to support reform.  It provides comprehensive insurance information for each state, quality comparisons and prevention tips.  It also includes details of the Affordable Care Act itself.

Kaiser Health Reform Source
This site provides updated and detailed explanation of various aspects of ACA as they are being implemented.  It is very well written and comprehensive.

Kaiser Insurance Calculator
This tool allows you to calculate your expected cost of individual insurance that you would purchase in the Health Insurance Exchanges that will be operational in 2014.  The ACA provides subsidies for lower income individuals for this insurance and the calculator presents this subsidy, the insurance cost and the net cost to you.

Effective Health Care Program
The ACA contains significant funding for comparative effectiveness research.  The focus of this research is to evaluate competing approaches to treatment of common conditions to determine which is most effective.  The website contains a consumer section that is very useful.

Electronic Health Records and Meaningful Use
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 contains funding to support the installation of electronic health records in hospitals and doctor’s offices.  However, to receive these funds the systems must be used to support patient care (and not just do financial tasks such as billing.)  This website details what is meant by this meaningful use.  It can be helpful to consumers and patients to understand these new systems in order to use them to their full extent.

High Performance Healthcare Blog
The staff of the health care programs at the University of St. Thomas post analysis of health care issues on this blog.  Many of these issues are part of the ACA.  Although these posts are targeted at healthcare providers, they may also be of general interest.

"YouToons" Explain Health Reform
Confused about the new health reform law?  This short, animated video from the Kaiser Family Foundation explains the problems with the current health care system and the changes ahead.