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Center for Health & Medical Affairs

Quality Leadership in Health Care: Creating a Culture for Success

On Thursday, December 17, 2009, the University of St. Thomas was proud to host Dr. John Reiling, President and CEO of Safe by Design, and Mary Griep, Director of Lean Six Sigma Operations and Corporate Quality at 3M Company.  Their presentations were part of the Quarterly Lecture Series of the American College of Healthcare Executives Minnesota Chapter, in partnership with the Center for Health and Medical Affairs at the University of St. Thomas.

In this lecture, John Reiling and Mary Griep discussed 3M’s quality initiatives and explored how they can be related to health care to achieve the desired results in improved quality and safety while lowering costs, raising revenues, and increasing market share.

Developing and equipping quality leaders with the right skills and process thinking is, and will be, a key factor in delivering sustainable business results. Health care leadership has historically delegated quality management. With or without health care reform, the importance of managing quality and its relationship to revenue, expense, market and most importantly, to the care and outcomes of patients, is becoming a key initiative and responsibility of senior health care leadership.

About the Featured Speakers

John G. Reiling, PhD, is the President and CEO of Safe by Design.  He is the former President and CEO of SynergyHealth, Inc and St. Joseph’s Community Hospital in West Bend, WI, an 82-bed hospital that was rebuilt utilizing patient safety, quality and safe design principles. Dr. Reiling has a 30 year career in health care administration. He has been recognized as one of the “50 Health Care Leaders for the 21st Century” by American Hospital Association. He consults with hospitals and health systems across the country regarding facility and patient care designs that emphasize safety, error reduction and quality.

Mary Griep is the Director of Lean Six Sigma Operations/Corporate Quality for the 3M Corporation. She has a broad-based background in Manufacturing Operations at a production and business level and has worked in several 3M businesses. She has successfully led focus factory implementations, commercialized several key programs for growth, and led cultural and operational changes. Current responsibilities include the refocusing and strengthening of quality leadership and Lean Six Sigma throughout the 3M Enterprise.

Presentation Slides

"Quality Leadership: Creating a Culture of Success"
Mary Griep, Director of Lean Six Sigma Operations and Corporate Quality, 3M Company

"Quality Leadership in Health Care"
John Reiling, President and CEO, Safe by Design