Family Business Center

Family Business Center

About Us

Mission and Vision

Founded more than 20 years ago, we operate with a simple mission: to educate business families. We remain a vibrant learning community and a trusted source of research, education and outreach. Among the first of our kind, we maintain the unique approach of partnering with a university to match practical educational tools with trusted scholarship and leading research.

Guiding Principles

We endeavor to be:

Credible grounded in research and practice
Practical immediately useful and action oriented
Holistic focused on the well-being of the business, family and individual

As one of the first university-based centers, we have a unique understanding of the need for:

  • practical tools to help you make important decisions today
  • a community of support that understands your needs
  • connections to other members of the family business community
  • a trusted and safe environment to explore challenging family issues

We are a vibrant community of business families, students, researchers and advisors. Committed to multi-generational success in business and families, we offer:


The Family Business Center offers more than 20 years of experience as a nationally recognized program.


Our staff is dedicated to helping keep your business in your family over generations.


Five professors from several disciplines at the University of St. Thomas are building on the family business field and helping us bring practical tools to you.

Board of Advisers

Made up of local business families and advisers who have participated in our membership activities, our board members are great people to contact if you have questions about the center.

Family Business Award

An annual award that recognizes families who demonstrate a strong commitment to community, family and business leadership.