Centers & Institutes

Linking Theory to Practice

The power of the St. Thomas graduate business degrees comes not only from the talented faculty and state-of-the-art curriculum, but also from our thought-leading research centers and institutes.

The Opus College of Business' research centers and institutes create a conduit between the college and the community, enhancing and informing policy, providing business resources to students and the public, and impacting the way Minnesota does business.

Center for Ethical Business Cultures

Center for Nonprofit Management

Center for Health and Medical Affairs

Family Business Center

Morrison Center for Entrepreneurship

National Institute for Health Policy

Norris Institute

Schulze School of Entrepreneurship

Shenehon Center for Real Estate

Small Business Development Center

Small Business Institute

Veritas Institute (formerly known as the SAIP Institute) 


The Opus College of Business' Executive Education program was formerly listed on this page as the Center for Business Excellence.