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Academic Departments

Prospective Participants

The Aristotle experience provides UST MBA students with real money to manage, and requires serious dedication, focus and time commitment. The students selected for this course will inherit the investment portfolio from the current year's class on September 1st of the fall semester in which they begin the program and will be responsible for the performance of the fund until August 31st the following spring.

The class meets weekly throughout the academic year, including J-term, and some students will continue to meet weekly over the summer to manage the fund.  Students selected this spring for upcoming school year will be encouraged to observe the current year's class over the summer to prepare for ownership of the portfolio.

While the Aristotle students do not take home any portfolio profits, they will gain strong research, analytical and presentation skills while working directly with accomplished leaders in the Twin Cities investment community.

The application process for the Aristotle Fund program typically opens early in February or March to select students for the following academic year, beginning in September.

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