About the Opus College of Business

About the Opus College of Business

Diversity & the Opus College of Business

Influenced and inspired by the Catholic intellectual tradition, the Opus College of Business is committed to fostering diversity and inclusion among our students, staff, faculty, stakeholders and communities. Our goal is to develop morally responsible leaders who understand the importance of inviting and honoring input from and engagement by all traditions and viewpoints.

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Within the Opus College of Business ...

A variety of initiatives have been developed to build effective leaders in an increasingly diverse professional community, and contribute to the creation of a pipeline of diverse talent.

The Forum on Workplace Inclusion™

Now in its 26th year, the forum is the largest diversity and inclusion conference in the country. The forum provides practical, ready-to-use tools for people who believe that advancing diversity and inclusion is not just a moral imperative but a competitive advantage in today’s global economy. People come to the forum for more than information on diversity and inclusion they come for the unique, expertly curated presentation of the field’s most passionate thought leaders, fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.

Diversity Insights Breakfast Series

Offered quarterly, this series features individual speakers or panels focused on current and emerging issues on workplace diversity and inclusion topics.

Learners to Leaders Summit

L2L is a professional networking and leadership development initiative designed for college students and recent college graduates from underrepresented communities who have demonstrated leadership ability and expressed an interest in continuing their education at the graduate level.

Outreach Scholarships

Outreach scholarships are awarded to those who demonstrate a record of academic achievement, professional experience, high potential and commitment to diversity and inclusion as demonstrated by their professional and community service contributions.. The program enhances access to a world-class MBA education for young professionals from a broad range of backgrounds, bringing valuable diversity of experience and perspective to the classroom and the professional world.

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Faculty Fast Facts

Opus College of Business faculty – with their diverse academic, work and cultural backgrounds – provide cross-cultural insights that ensure our students graduate with an embedded understanding of global business.

More than 10% of full- and part-time faculty are from countries outside the United States, while 27% represent domestic minorities. Meanwhile, 32% of the college's faculty are women.


Student Fast Facts

The Opus College of Business student body represents the leaders of today and tomorrow and is comprised of:

International students
Graduate: 3%
Undergraduate: 3%

Minority students
Graduate: 11%
Undergraduate: 13%

Graduate: 43%
Undergraduate: 38%