The University of St. Thomas is much more than a logo or a tagline.

Our brand is a reflection of everything we do and say, everything we print and broadcast. As you'll see, the brand expression is our opportunity to unify the university community with a common message and visual identity.

The brand functions as a lens through which every marketing message, community activity and personal interaction embodies a unified vision of St. Thomas’ energy, impact and character.

Each and every member of the St. Thomas community is responsible for creating the brand. Every time we interact with prospective students and their parents, post a St. Thomas-hashtagged tweet, talk with graduates, communicate with the press, develop new collateral materials, approach community partners, contact potential donors or talk about the university, we influence the perception of the institution and our community.

As brand ambassadors, we must present a unified front in the form of a cohesive and consistent brand message. This site is designed to help you do exactly that. Here you will find some FAQs, a toolkit (which will walk you through the brand essence and, copy and design direction) and some materials to get you started.