Summer Research

Dear Students,

The Department of Biology is looking for summer research assistants!  If you are interested in obtaining one of these positions, please apply using our online form.  The deadline for applications has been extended to January 20, 2016. I will forward your applications, as I receive them, to those whom you have identified among your preferences. Please note that applications will be reviewed by the department as a whole in early February and you will be officially notified about whether or not you have been accepted into a lab by the first of March.

You can read more about individual faculty member’s research interests by clicking on their names on the Biology department Faculty and Staff page ( ). If you would like to know more about a specific research area, you are encouraged to contact faculty directly.  Please do…we are eager to speak with you. 

Questions about the applications process specifically and broader questions, e.g., about the variety of ways to get involved in research in the Department, may be addressed to me, either by e-mail (  I hope you’re all enjoying, and continue to enjoy, a great semester, and I wish you the greatest success going forward.

Best regards,

Sarah Heimovics, Ph.D
Assistant Professor
Biology Undergraduate Research Coordinator