Environmental Toxicology

November 2, 2012 / By: Dalma Martinovic-Weigelt, PH.D.



I conduct research that explores how fish respond to natural environmental stimuli (e.g., fluctuations in the oxygen concentrations, stream velocities), as well as to man-made stressors (e.g., chemicals of emerging concern in particular). To determine how fish adapt to and are perturbed by environmental stimuli I combine classic physiological and organismal endpoints (swimming performance, reproductive success, behavior). I am also using functional genomics and systems biology to complement approaches conventionally used for study of the physiological basis of behavior and reproductive toxicology.

Pimephales promelas – fathead minnow

Illustration © Emily Damstra, used with permission www.emilydamstra.com



Dalma Martinović-Weigelt completed Ph.D. in Fisheries Science and Water Resources at the U of MN (2005), and served as National Academies Research Associate at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) from 2006-09. Dr. Martinovic is an associate professor at UST, St. Paul, MN (2009-present). Dr. Martinovic has co-authored two reports to MN Legislature (Endocrine Disrupting Compounds, lrp-ei-1syo8; Wastewater Treatment Plant Endocrine Disrupting Chemical Monitoring Study, lrp-ei-1sy11) and circa 40 research manuscripts that assess occurrence and the effects of chemicals of emerging concern and  other stressors on fish and aquatic ecosystems. Dr. Martinovic is a recipient of five US EPA’s Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards. She has served on The Contaminant Screening Criteria and Prioritization Development Task Group for MN Dept. of Health, and the Editorial Board of the Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Journal. Since her arrival to UST in 2009Dr. Martinović-Weigelt has received external-funding from a variety of state and federal agencies (MN Pollution Control Agency, USGS, USEPA and NSF).


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  • Curricular Innovation in Sustainability Award, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Saint Thomas, 2013
  • U.S. EPA’s Scientific and Technological Achievement Award (Level III) for Delineation of a Novel Pathway for Endocrine Disruption in Fish
  • U.S. EPA’s Scientific and Technological Achievement Award (Level II) for Application of Microarray Technology to Advance Ecotoxicology Research with Small Fish models,  2011
  • U.S. EPA’s Scientific and Technological Achievement Award (Level III) for Applying Mechanistic Toxicology to Ecological Risk Assessment of Endocrine-Active Chemicals, 2010
  • U.S. EPA Scientific and Technological Achievement Award (Level II) for Establishing an Internationally Recognized Program in Environmental Metabolomics to Assess Chemical Exposure Risk, 2008