Aquatic Ecology

June 28, 2012 / By: Kyle D. Zimmer, PH.D.

Professional Interests

Aquatic ecology, focused on:

  • Community and ecosystem ecology of shallow lakes and wetlands.
  • Role of food-web interactions in the alternative stable state model for shallow lakes. 
  • Ecology of fish, aquatic invertebrates, and submerged macrophytes.
  • Biotic and abiotic factors responsible for the structure of aquatic food webs.
  • Biotic influences on species diversity in shallow lakes.
  • Stoichiometric relationships in aquatic habitats.
  • Modeling aquatic ecosystems and processes, biometry.

Current Projects

  • 2010-2013.  Quantifying Carbon Burial in Healthy Minnesota Wetlands. Funded by the Minnesota LCCMR (with J. Cotner). 
  • 2010-2012.  Developing Sustainable and Cost-Effective Approaches to Conservation and Management of Shallow Lakes in Minnesota.  Funded by the Minnesota LCCMR (with J. Cotner, B. Herwig, and M. Hanson).
  • 2009-2012.  Collaborative Research (RUI): Burial of organic carbon in temperate, shallow lakes.   Funded by the National Science Foundation (with K. Theissen, J. Cotner, J. Ramstack,  and M. Edlund). 

Other Recent Projects

  • Stoichiometric relationships in shallow prairie lakes and their response to state shifts. 
  • Fish excretion as a source of internal nutrient loading in shallow prairie lakes (with B. Herwig (MN DNR) and L. Laurich (MU)).
  • Prey consumption and population dynamics of fathead minnows in prairie wetlands (with B. Herwig (MN DNR)).
  • Relationships among diet, growth rate, body size, and concentrations of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus in walleye (with D. Willis and M. Ward (SDSU).  

Publications & Presentations

(undergraduate authors are underlined or *)

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Student Researchers

Lab Members 2010-11

Postdoctoral Associates

  • Leah Domine
  • Will Hobbs

Undergraduate Research Assistants

  • Ann Goding
  • Ariel Gittens
  • Dan Probst
  • Jordan Goetting
  • Liz McHale
  • Luke Ginger
  • Rachel Rockwell
  • Tom Langer
  • Vinney Floder
  • Luke Nolby
  • Charles Bruchu


Student Researchers, Summer 2010

  • Elisabeth McHale
  • Dustin Potter
  • Jordan Goetting
  • Charles Bruchu
  • Vincent Floeder
  • Ann Goding
  • Dan Probst
  • Luke Ginger
  • Luke Nolby
  • Tom Langer
  • Adam Johannsen
  • Rachel Rockwell
  • Ariel Gittens (from Concordia, former McNair Scholar) 

Previous Student Researchers

  • Mikkel Haugen
  • Adam Johannsen
  • Kristine Maurer
  • Dustin Potter
  • Heidi Telste
  • Patti Gamboni
  • Luke Schroeder
  • Matt Gorman
  • Sam Friederichs
  • Rian Cleary
  • Sarah Derr
  • Krista Damme
  • John Balk
  • Mitch Haustein
  • Melissa Konsti
  • MattGorman
  • Patti Gamboni
  • Michelle Verant
  • Luke Schroeder