20 Ways to Get Involved in the Biology Department

Make the most of your time at UST and get involved!

  1. Get to know your classmates by studying with a regular study group. 
  2. Learn about current research at other institutions by attending Friday afternoon seminars. 
  3. Like us on Facebook.
  4. Work as a lab preparator to help instructors set up for large classes and perhaps even help develop lab exercises. 
  5. Volunteer in a research lab to find out what research is all about. 
  6. Work as a tutor for one of the introductory labs (contact the instructors of the course you are interested in). 
  7. Take an active approach to your classes by bringing applicable current news or sharing relevant personal experiences. 
  8. Take a J-term course.  
  9. Be an active member of our chapter of Beta Beta Beta, the Biological Honor Society. 
  10. Get to know your instructors:  ask questions in class, send them email questions, stop by their offices, and ask questions before/after class. 
  11. Take a research course for credit. 
  12. Read & contribute to department associated blogs:  Biophilia, Sustain and UST Sustaining Students
  13. Share your knowledge and enthusiasm for biology by being a teaching assistant in an introductory lab. 
  14. Work in the UST Stewardship Garden.
  15. Do research; you'll have the opportunity to present your research at student research symposiums and/or national meetings and perhaps be an author on a scientific paper. 
  16. Be a peer mentor for in-coming first-year students. 
  17. Apply for departmental and national scholarships. 
  18. Work as an animal care technician. 
  19. Join the Green Team. 
  20. Form your own student organization.