The University of St. Thomas

Conservation Biology/Lab
Title:Conservation Biology/Lab
Course Number:102
College:College of Arts & Sciences
Instructor:Schroeder, Doreen J
Time:0900 - 1100
Location:Owens Science Hall St Paul
Room:OWS 266
Credit Hours Start Date End Date Days Available Enrollment Maximum
0 09/03 12/19 -  T  -   -  - 20 0 20
Course Description:
An introduction to the basic concepts of conservation biology, including the history of conservation, the value of biological diversity, threats to biodiversity, conservation at the population, species, and community levels, and applications to human activities. Laboratories will emphasize data collection and analysis, and the practical application of conservation practices. This course is designed to meet the needs of the Environmental Studies major for a core course in environmental biology. Two laboratory hours per week. This course fulfills the core-area in natural science in the Natural Science and Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning requirement in the core curriculum.