The University of St. Thomas

Bioinformatics / Lab
Title:Bioinformatics / Lab
Course Number:464
College:College of Arts & Sciences
Instructor:Ditty, Jayna L
Time:1335 - 1735
Location:Owens Science Hall St Paul
Room:OWS 379
Credit Hours Start Date End Date Days Available Enrollment Maximum
0 02/03 05/23 -  -  W   -  - 2 12 14
Course Description:
Bioinformatics is an emerging field in the sciences that arises from the interaction of biology, biochemistry and computational science. The goal of bioinformatics is to find ways to sort, compare, and decode nucleotide and protein sequences to indentify underlying similarities and patterns that are biologically relevant. This knowledge of bioinformatics along with the advent of genome sequencing has changed how scientists investigate problems; intead of looking at how one gene or protein is affected by a particular problem, we now look at how the entire genome (genomics) or the entire organism (proteomics) responds. This course will introduce you to the tools that are available for these tupes of analyses and how the information gained from these tools is used to generate hypotheses in all areas of biological science. Four laboratory hours per week. Prerequiste: Any two 300-level biology course (one of which can be CHEM 440).