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Graduate Curriculum Committee

The purpose of the Graduate Curriculum Committee (GCC) is to review curricular proposals initiated by individual colleges or schools at the University of St. Thomas.

As a sub-committee of the Educational Policies and Planning Committee (EPPC), the GCC focuses on matters that are likely to impact the university at large or other colleges and schools in the university. The Committee concentrates on university-wide aspects of curricular proposals and gives full consideration to the accreditation requirements of a program, department, school, college, and the university. The GCC also establishes default rules for graduate programs regarding classification of students, grades, academic probation and suspension, student course loads, grade reports, transfer credits, residence requirements, requirements for honors, and the academic calendar.

Any department wishing to develop a proposal for the Graduate Curriculum Committee must contact the GCC chair from their respective school or college. Proposals received that are not initially reviewed by the GCC chair will be returned and the submitting body will be asked to review the proposal with their GCC chair before resubmitting.