Ticketing Services

University recognized clubs, organizations, and departments can sell event tickets through Tommie Central. A Ticket Sales Agreement form must be filled out and submitted to Tommie Central a minimum of 10 business days before the event. 

The form must also be signed by the advisor of the club or organization before turning it in to Tommie Central.

If you plan to sell more than 200 tickets to your event, you must arrange a planning meeting with Tommie Central staff a minimum of one month before the date of your scheduled event. This informal meeting is to talk about the logistics of your event, tickets/information forms, sales dates, advertising, etc.

Once your event has occurred and all sales are completed, the funds collected by Tommie Central will be transferred to the designated account. An email with the amount transferred will be emailed to the event contacts.

Publicizing Your Event

Tommie Central can also help publicize your event through Digital Signage throughout the Anderson Student Center. Digital Signage Content can be submitted online through the online poster management system.

Ticket Sales Agreement Form

Click here for the Ticketing Sale Agreement Form.