Equipment Rental

Tommie Central has a variety of camping and sports equipment that is available for rent. Below is a list of available equipment.

Rental Policy:

You must show a valid UST ID to rent equipment.

All UST students, faculty and staff must fill out a waiver and rental agreement form prior to checking out equipment.

Some items have a daily rental fee and some are free with a valid UST ID. Free with UST ID items can be checked out for 1-7 days. Individuals who want to check out Items that cost a daily rental fee will need to pay for the number of days they want to rent the item(s) at the time of check out.

Condition of Equipment Upon Return:

Upon renting equipment from Tommie Central you are responsible for the care of the equipment and need to be aware that any repair of damages, cleaning, or replacement of equipment in the appropriate sum may be charged to your St. Thomas account. If the equipment is not returned within a week of the due date, your St. Thomas account may be charged a replacement fee.

Camping Equipment

ItemDaily PriceItemDaily Price
Tent $6.50 Backpack $4.50
Sleeping Bag $4.50 Cookware $3.50
Sleeping Pad $4.50 Camping Stove $3.50

Sports Equipment

ItemDaily PriceItemDaily Price
Rollerblades $6.50 Frisbee Free with St. Thomas ID
Basketball Free with St. Thomas ID Ladder Ball Free with St. Thomas ID
Bean Bag Toss Free with St. Thomas ID Lawn Toss Free with St. Thomas ID
Bocce Ball Free with St. Thomas ID Racquetball Racquet Free with St. Thomas ID
Croquet Set Free with St. Thomas ID Soccer Ball Free with St. Thomas ID
Football Free with St. Thomas ID Tennis Racquet Free with St. Thomas ID

Winter Equipment

ItemDaily PriceItemDaily Price
Cross Country Skis $6.50 Snowshoes $6.50
Snowboard $6.50    

Tommie Central Bike Rental Program

Tommie Central offers bike rentals to UST students, staff, and faculty. Bikes are available to rent for up to three days at no cost. Each rental includes use of the bike, a helmet, and a key lock. Individuals must sign a waiver before beginning their rental. Late fees and replacement costs will be charged if bikes are returned late or in damaged condition.