Summit Market Place

Summit Marketplace is more than your campus convenience store.  It’s your “Go-to” store for gluten-free favorites like Amy’s, Glutino’s, Larabar, and KIND.  It’s your “Find Something New”  store, with innovative products such as TastyBite vegetarian/gluten-free Indian and Asian entrees, Garden Lites vegetarian souffles and zucchini “pasta” dishes, and Gardein vegetable protein options.  It’s your “Dependable Favorites” store with fresh dairy and produce, Chobani yogurts, Naked and Pepsi drinks, and Frito Lay’s snacks.  Monday through Friday, it’s your Scooter’s “Grab & Go Sandwich” store, with creations like Buffalo Chicken Wraps, Asian Chicken Wraps, and Roast Beef Sandwiches on Ciabatta, made fresh with preservative- and additive-free Metro Deli meats.  Summit Marketplace accepts flex dollars, eXpress, cash, check, credit or debit card.

Location: 1st floor

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