Student Research Opportunities

Patricia Jaffray Scholarship

Young Scholars Research Grant

The Young Scholars Program awards individual grants to undergrad students at St. Thomas who are interested in spending an entire summer working closely with a professor on a significant research project or creative activity.

The university awards 3 to 4 summer stipends of $4000. each to undergraduate students annually (graduating seniors are not eligible). Students submit abstracts and research proposals to a cross- disciplinary university faculty committee in mid-March and decisions are made by April 1. Students who are chosen work on a project full-time for a period of at least 10 weeks during the summer. A paper detailing the results of the research project is due in mid-September.

Please contact a faculty member in the Art History Department to discuss a project you would be
interested in.

Art History Undergraduate Senior Presentations

Graduating seniors present their research papers at a symposium in December or early May. The department offers an award in memory of our friend and colleague Mary Towley Swanson for the research paper that is truly outstanding.  Students wishing to be considered for the Mary Towley Swanson Outstanding Research and Scholarship Award should notify their faculty advisor and submit their paper to the department chair  prior to graduation. The recipient of the award and a monetary prize will be awarded in the spring. 

National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR)

For more information contact David Steele at Each year ten to twelve students have been selected and funded by the university to present papers at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research on topics from a variety of disciplines within the curriculum. Students submit abstracts and applications on their completed research in late October; abstracts chosen by a rigorous method of selection are then submitted to the national committee; and students are informed about acceptance by February 1.

Luann Dummer Center for Women Grant

The Luann Dummer Center for Women is pleased to offer several grant opportunities for faculty, staff and students. Information for all grants and awards is available in the Center, room 103 OEC.

Collaborative Inquiry Grants

Research grants of $1000. are available from the Grants and Research Office to support undergrad students who want to design a research project to be carried out in close collaboration with a faculty member during spring semester 2011. Deadline for applications is Friday, Nov. 12.

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