Art History at St. Thomas

In the old days, art history meant sitting in a dark room, looking at slides, and memorizing artist, title, and date for an exam.  

We take a different approach by putting people back into the picture.  Why was a work of art created?  How did it get made and how much did it cost?  What was its function?  What was its message?  In other words, we want to explore the context of art, the people who made it, bought it, and used it.  

Art history courses focus upon questions that explore the context of art across the globe.  Students are asked to analyze works critically and in depth, and present their work through essays, research papers, and presentations.

We also seek to bring art directly to students.  Using the art of our teaching collections, we give students a chance to study works of art in the classroom and in the galleries on campus.  Undergraduate and graduate students have the opportunity for hands-on work with our collection, learning about collection care, organization, and exhibition.  

Art history at St. Thomas - Putting global arts into context.