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The Periodic Review of International Short-term Courses and Programs

The Faculty Handbook requires that ARCIE conduct a periodic review of International Short-term Courses and Programs.

ARCIE’s purpose is not to assess the academic content of courses. The purpose is to explore the extent to which the potential for intercultural learning opportunities for students are identified and used. We know there are different ways to achieve the goal of intercultural learning. ARCIE’s intent is to see the extent to which each course or program includes intercultural learning objectives, how the instructors plan to achieve your objectives, and the degree to which the objectives are met.

ARCIE’s goal in these reviews is to be of assistance, not to tell instructors how to manage their courses.  The purpose of the review is a) to share feedback if there might be other strategies you might use, and b) to learn about effective practices intercultural learning so that these practices can be shared with other St. Thomas faculty.

Thus the program review is not a pass-fail process. Rather it is intended to be a dialogue in which ARCIE members learn from the experiences of those teaching international short-term courses, and, when it is appropriate, to share best practices with faculty.

The program review includes the following: