Honors Foreign Experience


IDSC 480-0 CRN Honors Foreign Experience
Spring 2013  Th
Professors:  Lon Otto (English Undergrad) and Amy Muse (English)

This seminar—which students take both before they depart for study abroad and upon their return—gives Aquinas Scholars who study abroad the opportunity to 1) examine ways of approaching, understanding, and articulating the impact of foreign experience; 2) practice the techniques of observation, exploration, and self-reflection exemplified in the materials studied; and 3) communicate the particular discoveries that resulted from their experience abroad.

Please note:  You must begin your work in the seminar before going abroad, and you must reserve the Thursday 5:15–6:45 class times both before and after your study abroad semester or year.  The Spring 2012 meetings of the Foreign Experience Seminar will be determined in the near future.  However, you don’t register for The Foreign Experience seminar until you register for other courses to be taken the semester you return to St. Thomas.  Just show up to the first meeting.   Questions?  Contact Lon Otto l9otto@stthomas.edu or Amy Muse ammuse@stthomas.edu.

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