Honors Eating


IDSC 480-0 CRN Honors Eating
Spring 2013 – TTH 9:55-11:35/1:30-3:10
Professors: Britain Scott (Psychology) and Christina Meyers-Jax (Registered dietitian)

“What?  An Aquinas Scholars honors seminar on eating? Hello, that’s something I’ve known how to do since I was born!  What could I possibly learn in a course on eating?!”
“I know, right?”
Or do you know?
This seminar will tackle the timely and relevant topics of why, how, and what we eat. Instructors’ expertise in the domains of psychology, nutrition, and environmental sustainability complement readings and films as we explore the following topics:
1. the diet industry and our disordered relationships with food
2. environmental, economic, social, and personal health implications of our food choices
3. American eating in a global context
4. the food industry, “food deserts,” and the link between energy resources and food
5. Restoring our connection to our food: mindful eating, the slow food movement, gardening, and foraging for wild foods
In this seminar we utilize a combination of scholarly discussion and experiential activities that may include visiting a farmer’s market, preparing a slow food meal (and eating it!), going on a foraging expedition (on campus!), and creating a personal eating plan.  For more information, contact Britain Scott (Psychology & Environmental Studies) at bascott@stthomas.edu or Christina Meyer-Jax (Health & Human Performance) at meye5568@stthomas.edu.

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