Honors Aquinas on Law


IDSC 480-0 CRN Honors Aquinas on Law
Spring 2013 – Th 8:00-9:40
Professors:  Ken Kemp (Philosophy) and Marguerite Spencer (Theology)

The ideas St. Thomas develops in his Treatise on Law (Summa Theologiae, 1a2æ, QQ. 90-108) are relevant to a variety of contemporary theoretical and practical issues in philosophy, theology, law & government.  In this inter-disciplinary course, we carefully explore St. Thomas’ four types of law, placing them squarely in our current intellectual and political context.  Topics may include: the definition and kinds of law; evaluating traditional and modern natural law theory, including critiques by legal positivism; making laws, including an examination of religion in the public square; interpreting laws, including judicial review; and obedience to the law, including conscientious objection and civil disobedience.

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