Honors Tracks of Social Change


IDSC 480-07 CRN 43069 Honors Tracks of Social Change
Fall 2012 – M 3:25-5:00 OEC 313
Professors: Mike Klein (Justice and Peace Studies) and Damon Shoholm

St. Paul’s University Avenue is undergoing profound change due to the Central Corridor Light Rail Line. But this isn’t the first radical change for this community and it won’t be the last. Our seminar will focus on a single University Avenue address (TBD) to explore social change in St. Paul. We’ll examine the evolution of this community by researching a specific set of physical spaces - each of which stand as evidence of community change efforts during different periods of history - by tracing the historical roots of the community as Native (Dakota) land, through settlement, statehood, development, urbanization, de-industrialization, and potential gentrification. In collaboration with the Minnesota History Center, we’ll research land ownership records, photographs, artifacts, and even seek to record the oral histories of former or current residents/owners. And to further understand the current community, we’ll eat our way through the neighborhood’s many ethnic restaurants. Our seminar will conclude by constructing an exhibit that tells the story of community change.

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