Honors Professional Ethics


IDSC 480-01 CRN 43059 Honors Professional Ethics
Fall 2012 – T 1:30-3:10
Professors: Michael Andregg (Justice and Peace Studies) and Paul Wojda (Theology)

“Professional Ethics:  How Ethos are Created in Various Professions” will look at how ethos (an internalized philosophy of ethics as that relates to a particular profession) and related professional codes of ethics were developed in several professions starting with a fairly detailed review of the long history of medical ethics and legal ethics extending to areas where ethos and codes of ethics are still being born, specifically ethics for spies which presents some really novel issues.  In fact, there is stiff resistance to this concept among many spy bureaucracies, enough to generate a new term “ethicsphobia” used by a pioneer and professor at the U.S. National Defense Intelligence College. Oxymoron jokes are very common in that domain; please refrain.  Spies exist whether anyone wishes them to exist or not – and top politicians would certainly create them if not – would you rather spies be indifferent to ethics, or interested in developing codes and standards for their admittedly unusual but ever present craft?  Other areas we will almost certainly cover are journalistic ethics, clergy ethics, business ethics and ethics for engineers.  Students will form into 5 teams early on to study their own selected profession (architecture, could be another example, or dentistry or mortuary science) and present that group’s code of ethics and the story of how it came to be adopted.  We will provide a website on the first day that lists codes of ethics for each of these and dozens of other professions.  Two short papers will be required, one on a common topic and one on topics chosen by students to complement their majors but approved by the professors.

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