Honors Feeding the World


IDSC 480-09 CRN 43072 Honors Feeding the World
Fall 2012 – T 3:25-5:00 OEC 313
Professors:  Jon Seltzer (Marketing) and Chester Wilson (Biology)

The combination of a growing human population and rising mean consumption rates (standards of living) are increasing demands upon our ability to produce and distribute food, fuel, and fiber across the globe.  This course examines botanical, biological, business and social aspects of this situation.  We will consider the benefits, costs, and consequences of past successes at meeting human needs (e. g., the Green Revolution), current proposals for improving our ability to meet these needs (e. g., genetic modification of crops), and related policy discussions (e. g., relative investment in agricultural production of food, fuel, and fiber; constraints upon continued population growth; health of individuals and the role of individual choice).  Cases will focus on examples drawn from a variety of cultures and economic systems.

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