How To Support Us

Our greatest need is financial resources.  We have applied for several grants but have not received any funding (several are still outstanding – we are hopeful).  We are so certain about the importance of this project that we decided to appeal not just to large foundations and government grants, but also to see if we can build a team of supporters by sharing our story and its goals.  The University of St. Thomas is currently financially supporting the work of a doctoral student on the research team.

Tell others about this project.  We are still looking for individuals or families in Minnesota who have or are experiencing ALS and who would be willing to share their experiences with our research team.  They can contact us by email at or by calling the Principal Investigator, Dr. Deb DeMeester, at 651-962-4379.

For more information

contact us at

Thank you for choosing to support this fund. At this time, gifts of any size will be doubled, thanks to a $20 million matching fund created by the university's Board of Trustees to support the Opening Doors capital campaign. This opportunity remains available until the end of the campaign (Oct. 17) or until the matching fund is exhausted – whichever comes first.

For a gift of $1,000 or more, the match will go to the ALS Fund if you so choose. For a gift of under $1,000, the trustees will make a gift of equal size to the university's scholarship endowment. All eligible gifts will be matched when the matching funds are received by St. Thomas. Thank you for your support!

100% of donations will be used for this research project. 

 All donations are tax-deductible.