I did not get a scholarship with the last HSSP board, but I am hopeful about the scholarships available the first semester through the ROTC program. At what point during the semester do you find out if you are selected for one of these scholarships?

It became extremely competitive this year and not all high quality applicants are going to get selected. 

You still have a chance to get a scholarship as a freshman or sophomore in college. Scholarship opportunities do not exist for AFROTC upperclassman (juniors/seniors).

St Thomas students can leverage an Air Force scholarship to receive the UST subsidy which allows cadets to attend college for a net cost of zero.

Is there an ROTC dorm?

We do not manage housing at all; it is entirely a campus matter.  Freshman are initially assigned a dorm room by the university.  However, cadets do have the ability to choose dorm rooms from their sophomore year on and usually do end up rooming together.

I would like to play football in the fall. Can I participate in both a sport and the AFROTC program?

Air Force ROTC students can participate in both a sport and the AFROTC program. We have had cadets in football, hockey, baseball, cross-country, basketball and are starting to see growing interest in lacrosse. If need be, we can meet with your coach to discuss how you can do both.  Usually, we coordinate for the cadet to miss one or both days of PT while they are involved in the sport.