Sarah Molyneaux, ’08 

Marketing major, French minor

(Buyer at Target)

"I think UST provided two unique experiences for me that helped to define my future path and who I am today. The first is studying abroad and the second is the adjunct faculty who teach for the business programs. Studying theater in London was about as far removed from my business major as you could get as I am not a typical “artsy” person, but I learned how to communicate with and value diverse perspectives. This is something that I use all of the time in my career today and something that I love about working with a wide variety of personalities. Second, the adjunct professors went out of their way to bring the real world and real experiences into the classroom. They also provided career mentoring, counseling and all of the real world advice a recent college graduate would need. I think this is something that you would not get from most other universities and it definitely got me started on the right path in my career."