Kristen Bendt, '12


(Social media coordinator at Minnesota Vikings)

"I have always been really interested in digital marketing, but I got into social media specifically during my first year of college at St. Thomas. I was a social media intern for the admissions office and quickly identified the value that social media could bring to an organization. While interning, I started consulting on the side with businesses and organizations that were not utilizing social media and actually ended up starting my own business specializing in social media consultation and social media application development. St. Thomas is a well-rounded university that prides itself on preparing business leaders for the real world. When entering into my career I felt confident because of my education at St. Thomas. I gained problem -solving skills and learned how to be a team player through the courses I took. In and outside of the classroom I gained social skills through interactions with students and professors that eventually led to my advancement as a leader. My education at St. Thomas not only prepared me for my career but also for my life in general."‌