A red tree on the St. Thomas St. Paul Campus during the fall

Justin Thom, ’08 

Criminal justice

(Federal law enforcement officer at the United States Secret Service Division)

"I realized that I wanted to become a police officer when I was in high school participating in ride-alongs with police officers from different agencies in Minnesota. I started to pursue that career more in college after meeting with other students who were in the same situation I was in. I never thought I would be working for the Secret Service at the age of 24, however. I feel blessed. I would not be where I am today if it were not for the people I have met in my life before and during college. The education that I received at St. Thomas gave me a better understanding of what makes a criminal commit his or her crimes. Understanding that there is no profile of what a criminal looks like gives me the ability to accurately describe in detail what occurred in my reports."