A red tree on the St. Thomas St. Paul Campus during the fall

Allie Krug, ’13 

Communication and journalism major, women’s studies minor‌

(Reporter at KIMT News 3 in Mason City, Iowa)

"I loved the fast pace of having deadlines in and out of class, and the professors did a great job at really making the classroom feel like a newsroom. I'll never forget when Professor Greg Vandegrift walked into our class one morning and told us that if we were the type of person who wanted the "nuclear family, white picket fence and a dog ... that this major wasn't for us." I want all of that someday, and after I interned at KARE 11 for the Sunrise show and worked with professionals who balanced work with family, I learned that if you work hard enough, you can have it all. UST offers so many different outlets for students to have a hands-on experience with journalism, and while I wasn't a part of any of the student-led organizations such as Tommie Media, the classroom experience alone was extremely beneficial in preparing me for a future in journalism. By incorporating realistic scenarios of breaking news in class and doing stories where you had to reach out to the community and put together relevant and newsworthy stories throughout the semester, the time I spent in classroom was more than enough to prepare me for my first job as a reporter."