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Tommie Ambassadors represent the University of St. Thomas.

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Tommie Ambassadors

Tommie Ambassadors are current student volunteers who are chosen to represent the University of St. Thomas because of pride and enthusiasm for their school. They share their time and experiences with prospective students and parents by giving tours, helping with events and being good representatives during Admissions events, daily visits and Tommie Overnight Visits.

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Tour Guides

The Admissions Tour Guide is a Tommie Ambassador who is paid to lead campus tours on a regular weekly schedule.

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Student Communicators

The student communicator is a member of the Tommie Ambassador Team that works for the Admissions Office by sharing his/her experiences at UST with prospective students via e-mail.

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Tour Room Hosts

The Admissions Tour Room Host is a Tommie Ambassador (and Tommie Ambassador’s roommate) who agrees to allow campus tours to view their room on a weekly schedule. The tour room host will be compensated by having the money credited to his or her school account each semester. This credit is based upon prearranged weekly showings, special admissions events, large group visits and Saturday tours.

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The admissions interns are paraprofessional admissions counselors. They perform similar duties and work closely with admissions counselors. Admissions interns are responsible for helping to develop and run programs related to recruitment of future Tommies. In addition, admissions interns will have the opportunity to lead the Tommie Ambassador Team, help organize and plan overnight visits and supervise other student employees.

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Admissions Bloggers are current students and Tommie Ambassadors who are chosen to represent UST because of their pride and enthusiasm for UST, involvement in the campus community, as well as, social media savvy. They give insight to what it is like to be a Tommie.