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Dumasani Thomsen

Major: Psychology
Topic: Cell Phone Usage among College Students and its Effects on Communication Quality in Romantic Relationships.
Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Elise Amel

Our usage of technology continues to increase rapidly, yet we remain largely unaware of the implications surrounding technological usage. Male and female participants from UST were required to complete the Dyadic Adjustment Scale as a measurement of communication quality, along with a data sheet recording frequency of cell phone usage (total number of minutes talked and total number of texts sent and received). I hypothesized that: an increase in overall cell phone usage will show a decrease in communication quality, texting will show a greater influence upon communication quality than calling will show on communication quality.

Favorite part of the project:

It was a great experience to know how research in psychology is conducted. This project provided the opportunity to connect with various faculty and students, as well as professionals outside of the St. Thomas community. I presented my research on campus at the "Inquiry at UST" poster session. It was an enjoyable experience to share my findings and knowledge about my topic and also to learn about other student research on campus. The dialogue between students, faculty and casual onlookers at the poster session helped solidify, validate and construct future research plans.