Lights hanging inside the O'Shaughnessy-Frey Library Center

Aaron Hays

Major: Double major in Justice & Peace Studies and Communication and Journalism
Topic: Impact of urban agriculture on a university campus
Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Adam Kay and Dr. Elise Amel

My project sought to find what kind of impact an urban garden had on a university campus, focusing on the UST Stewardship Garden and its goals of service, education/research, and community building.  We found that students participating with the garden activities showed an increase in their knowledge and positive attitudes toward sustainability, as well a trend toward more nutritious and sustainable diets. This work gave us much-needed feedback on the effectiveness of a garden as a teaching tool and helps support the work of the UST Stewardship Garden as a student-run initiative.

The best part about this project was the ability to work outside and do what I love full time!