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Psychology Research

UST in the News for Nov. 19, 2014

Holiday shopping and #pointergate rule this week’s headlines.

To Make a Difference in Climate Change, Get Closer

Senior Jenna Ness' research looks at climate change attitudes and behavior and asks if they are influenced by psychological distance and goals for taking action.

Arrrr You Afraid of the Dark? Neuroscience, Pirates May Illuminate Why

Sept. 19 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Celebrate with this arrrr-ticle on a student study inspired by pirates and what they might reveal of our fear of the dark.

UST in the News for Aug. 28, 2014

A New York Times editorial, an Opus College of Business dean profile and a discussion on “why we hate to wait” in this week’s headlines.

UST in the News for June 30, 2014

Our experts weigh in on sleep deprivation, stadiums and drug clemency in this week’s headlines.

Reel to Real: Student Study Looks at Images of the Environment in Film

Senior Sarah Strain's Young Scholars' Grant project studied the subtle ways in which the natural environment and sustainable behaviors are depicted in documentaries and Hollywood films from 1998 to 2013.

UST in the News for April 23, 2014

Our experts weigh in on slow-melting snow, the escalating price of limes and a football walkout in this week’s headlines.

The Scroll: Making a Class Come Alive

Dave Nimmer believes great teaching for undergraduates needs to be at or near the top of priorities for St. Thomas as it sets goals and defines standards. In The Scroll today, he writes about a sophomore’s experience in a January Term course taught by psychology professor John Buri.

Guest Lecturer Pete Feigal Refuses to Let Bipolar Disorder, MS Get Him Down; Will Speak Here April 16

Pete Feigal "sees his hardships as teachers and meditations in his life ‘wanted or not!’"

UST in the News for April 1, 2014

A student commentary on climate change, why fish isn't considered meat, and an appeal to lower prison phone rates are featured in this week's headlines.