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Mathematics Research

For the Love of Math

Sousada Chidthachack’s ’06 family escaped Communist Laos and a refugee camp in Thailand. Now she’s ready to open doors for young women and minorities in mathematics.

From Gamer to Researcher

Mathematics professor Eric Rawdon had a childhood passion for computers that led to meaningful scientific discoveries and cross-disciplinary collaborations.

UST in the News for May 7, 2014

Our experts weigh in on sainthood, Donald Sterling and a botched execution in this week’s headlines.

Mathematics Through the Lens of Biology

Until recently, many biologists also viewed themselves as pure experimentalists with no need for mathematics in their field, but advances in experimental techniques have generated huge amounts of data, and without mathematical modeling and analysis it would be impossible for biology to make sense of all these data.

Quantitative Literacy: Not Just for Mathematicians

I’m not the person my students think I am.

Three Undergraduates Honored by Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship Program

Cecilia Gentle and Sarah Millholland were awarded scholarships, and Erik Sathe was granted an honorable mention by the prestigious and competitive program.

Using Mathematical Biology to Study Cancer

When Magdalena Stolarska witnessed the interplay between mathematics and biology, she was hooked

Do the Math

Here we peek into the lives of three alumni who majored in math. They each share the pluses of their work, whether as an actuary, teacher or researcher. To them, it all adds up.