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Renee Huset and Matthew Weishan

Major: Geography with GIS concentration; Environmental Studies (Renee) Geography (Matthew)
Topic: Mapping an Adriatic Island: Geography Field Work in St. Clement, Croatia
Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Ivancica Schrunk

A team from St. Thomas traveled to Croatia to take part in an ongoing archaeological investigation. Our goal was to map the perimeter of the island (the site of an ancient Roman saltworks) collecting waypoints every 3-7 strides as we hiked around the perimeter of the island using handheld GPS devices. These collected waypoints store important geographical data such as latitude, longitude and elevation. After returning from the trip, the waypoint data allowed us to reconstruct the island digitally with the use of our mapmaking software on the geography computers at St. Thomas.

Favorite part of the project:

Every day we woke to beautiful weather, spent 5-6 hours out collecting data with an ocean view as our office, and ate delicious, home-cooked Croatian food for lunch and dinner. Throughout the project we learned a great deal about the culture, history, and physical geography of the seemingly insignificant island of St. Clement of so much importance in centuries past.