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Samantha Drager

Major: Marketing
Topic: Where did the time go?
Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Aaron Sackett

We know from past studies that time perception is easily manipulated. We also know that when time perception is altered, most people perceive that they had a more enjoyable experience. These tests have been done in a lab but we aimed to test time perception in a more real-world setting where natural factors come into play, specifically the position of the sun. To test this, we created a mock movie theater and altered the time of day that participants would enter/exit the theater.

Our study predicted that participants would assume that time flew if they entered a movie theater when it was light and exited when it was dark. Therefore, participants in this condition would perceive their experience as more enjoyable than any other condition.

My favorite part of this study was shopping for movie candy that we would provide to all participants. I love candy.