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Julie Wollscheid

Major: General Business Administration
Topic: Giving Employees Control Over Their Own Destinies: Ways of Affecting Intrinsic Motivation on Mundane Tasks
Faculty Mentor:

Dr. James Heyman

The traditional model of employee motivation often focuses on extrinsic motivation. This model is especially prevalent within work that is considered mundane and monotonous. Based on many previously tested motivational theories, this research argues that a more intrinsic model of motivation is not only possible but also more effective. This research presents the idea that by allowing employees – particularly those who work in tedious jobs – more control over their work, they will feel more intrinsically motivated to perform the tasks they are assigned. Ways of enhancing intrinsic motivation tested were through the use of politeness, allowing room for choice over what tasks to perform and how to perform them, and introducing the idea of context into a mundane task. While results proved adding a context to a task may increase intrinsic motivation, the additional theories were not supported.

Favorite part of the project:

I was afforded the opportunity to acquire so much knowledge of the research process - specifically how it relates to the business world. This knowledge has greatly impacted my continuing college career and I have applied it in one way or another to every class I am taking this semester.