Evan Nolander

Major: Biology
Topic: Movements of Painted Turtles in Lake Judy
Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Timothy Lewis

My research focused completely on the movements of painted turtles at Lake Judy in the Twin Cities. I canoed to 12 different traps set by our research group, collected the turtles captured that day, gathered the necessary data and released them back into the lake. Results found that female turtles have significantly greater levels of movement than males in both the early spring and late summer. The difference is assumed to be caused by the females needing to leave the water in order to lay eggs and to find a suitable mate.

Favorite part of the project:

Though the research itself was quite interesting, the fact that I was given the opportunity to canoe, hike, and work with animals always blew me away. So I would have to say that the outdoor aspect of my work was by far my favorite part.

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