Sam Jensen

Major: Biochemistry
Topic: Assessing Estrogenic and Androgenic Activity of UV Filter Photoproducts
Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Kristine Wammer and Dr. Dalma Martinovic

I look at UV filter compounds, better known as sunscreens.  When these compounds absorb sunlight, they break down into new compounds called photoproducts. There is some concern that these compounds may act like hormone mimics. I do experiments that produce these photoproducts and then perform a series of tests to determine if they have estrogenic or androgenic activity.

What was your favorite part of the project?

My favorite part of this project was being the first person to gather data on my topic. Everything I found is cutting edge science and has the potential to be published in a journal. The idea that my research may help the scientific community is an awesome feeling.

Why did you choose St. Thomas?

I chose St. Thomas because I knew I had the opportunity to get involved in research right away as a freshman. I also chose St. Thomas because of the great science programs that they have to offer. Finally, I chose St. Thomas because I knew that the professors would give me the best opportunities to succeed in whatever career path I selected.

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