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Statistics at St. Thomas: data processing and analysis for the real world.

What are graduates doing now?

Tammy Kihlstadius, ’12 works as an IT business analyst at UnitedHealth. "It was the great education, skills and hands-on learning I received at St Thomas that helped me get that job."

Mark Jadin, '10 works as a demand forecast analyst at Best Buy and is pursuing his maters in financial mathematics.

Scott Wood (a graduate of UST in Mathematics with Statistics concentration even before Statistics major was officially approved) works for Educational Testing Services in Denver, Colo. Scott received a master’s degree in statistics and Ph.D in education from the University of Iowa.

Learning opportunities outside of the classroom:

Research with faculty: For the last five years undergraduate summer research was funded by the CSUMS grant of National Science Foundation. Recent projects in statistical analysis carried out by student teams include among the others: Analysis of HIV/AIDS mortality data in Minnesota

  • Employment practices liability modeling
  • Macroeconomic models of the underwriting cycle
  • Markov chain Monte Carlo modeling of loss distributions
  • Mathematical models of consumer preferences regarding regional malls
  • Models of historical severities based on inflation
  • Parametric estimation in single photon emission tomography
  • Statistical analysis of UST alumni data base

Twin Cities Chapter of the American Statistical Association offers special student memberships and provides ample opportunities to get acquainted with the life and activities of professional statistical community of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Faculty at work:

Erin Curran, Palahela Dayananda, German Pliego-Hernandez, Arkady Shemyakin and Mark Werness have very extensive research and consulting agendas. Every year their scholarly work (including their joint papers with students) is published in peer-reviewed journals. They travel to international conferences and give presentations in such distant places as Armenia, Australia, Chile, China, Germany, Mexico, Russia, and U.K.

What jobs are possible with a statistics major?

  • Computer software development
  • Computer user support
  • Applications analysis
  • Positions in medical or other fields where testing and reliability are important
  • Teaching computer and related topics in high schools where there is a growing demand
  • Pursuit of advanced degrees in computer science, computer software engineering, management information systems and statistics
Contact Information
  • Department of Statistics

    Mail #OSS 402
    2115 Summit Avenue
    St. Paul, MN 55105-1079
    (651) 962-5470

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